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The success of your project hinges upon concise communication so that your vision can be realized. To reach this goal, We at Mastercraft Custom Builders uses an advanced approach in building a close relationship with you, the owner.


Our Story

Mastercraft Custom Builders has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. You can rest assured that every aspect of your project, either large or small will be professionally addressed and realized.

We have gained success by completing contracts with a goal of exceeding your greatest expectations. We do this by focusing on every aspect and detail for your project. From nuisance controls to ensure you remain in comfort during the construction phases to proper documentation of all important information, we will not be satisfied until you communicate to us that we have surpassed your vision of what was to be expected.

Meet our Founder


Peter T. Martin

Founder & CEO

Peter T. Martin is the Founder and CEO of Mastercraft Custom Builders and Mastercraft Engineering. He has been in the residential and civil construction Industry for over 30 years and is well known and respected for his ability to construct, administer, manage, implement and complete civil and residential construction projects.
Early in his residential career, he honed his craftmanship and skills by building several homes and completing difficult large-scale home renovation projects. His ability to be very detailed along with high standards, has set him apart by completing top notch projects for well-known and respected clients.

After receiving his General Building Contractors License in 1997, Peter became interested in managing larger scale and more challenging projects. He received his General Engineering Contractors License in 2002 and began the second phase of his career in the civil construction industry. He quickly became Construction and Quality Control Manager of several extremely difficult and demanding projects including seismic retrofit projects for Mass Transit Authorities such as BART and major Flood Control Projects throughout California working with the Army Corps of Engineers. This phase of his career helped him gain the ability to successfully construct and manage very large-scale projects.

As Founder and Owner of Mastercraft Custom Builders, Peter understands the value of a close relationship between himself and you, the owner. He believes this relationship is paramount to success and will provide concise communication and unsurpassed quality while exceeding expectations for your project.

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